The iPad Not Good When it Comes to Multitasking

The iPad may not be as practical as a MacBook but it does have some features of the Macbook’s utilities. The iPad is a handy device but it will not replace your laptop, at least not yet. Most people will use the iPad for watching videos, playing games, reading books or keeping up with social media.

Like the iPod, it can play music, videos, movies, and surf the Web. It is similar to the MacBook in that it does have the ability to create documents through iWork. The one great thing about the iPad is the size of the screen and it’s ability for you to enjoy images and videos.

Unfortunately even with a number of amazing features, the iPad is not going to be a replacement for your laptop or desktop computer. However, it does have the ability to be more user friendly when adding a separate keyboard.

Learn more about using all the features on the iPad using video lessons available here.

Although it does have one feature in the multi-touch display where you can tap and manipulate the screen at the same time, but it really isn’t designed to multitask. On a regular laptop, we can open several applications while playing music and games.

You can open a number of programs at the same time on the iPad, but it will use up more memory and you will have to charge it more often. Although it can only work on a single program at one time you can easily get to other open programs. Just not as easy as on a laptop or desktop model.

File organization is close to impossible with the iPad. The documents are filed in a single storage bin with the rest of the files in the device. The user cannot segregate the documents, so if you need to search for a file, you need to go through a lot of titles.

One needs to take into consideration that the iPad is not your standard computer. It was designed for people on the go or whose work requires constant attention. Many executive assistangs, people attending Board meetings, production teams and even internet marketers will find this device valuable.

It was not designed for people who need to multitask or for people trying to write an article or book. It is good for taking noes and keeping a calendar though.

One good thing about the iPad is that it is convenient. Try to open a laptop when you are on a plane and get your thoughts or brilliant idea down in writing. By the time you get it open, boot up the laptop, you probably should have just written it down on a piece of paper because it takes so long.

On the other hand, the iPad is just right for a lot of people because it is lightweight and easy to get out when the need to jot down important details. It is not designed for hardcore computer use but for immediate short-term work.

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