The Many Roles of the iPad

What baffles many people is that iPad has no specific role although it seems to perform many functions. It even threatens to beat the competition out of their own markets. But what are the roles this tablet can take on?

The iPad is a Good e-Reader:

Reading on iPad

Depending on who you ask, the reading experience with the iPad is either as good as, is better than, or is nowhere near comparable with other eBook reading devices.

To many who have not used the Kindle DX before, reading on an iPad is an experience that may soon replace reading of actual books. With some thoughtfulness thrown in to the design and mode of reading on the iPad, it is definitely an e-Book reader.

The iPad offers great features that other superb e-Reading devices don’t have.  There is the fast refresh, for one. The Kindle DX offers the most convenient and perhaps the best reading experience with its slow refresh function. What that means is a slow way of navigating from one page of an eBook to another page.

The iPad on the other hand offers the fastest refresh which can let readers jump from one section of the book to another. When reading fiction books, this is not much of a big deal. For people doing research work on the iPad, this is as close as you will get to reading an actual reference book.

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The iPad is a Good Comic Book Reader

For better or for worse, the iPad stands alone in allowing readers to read digital comic books without a problem. Most electronic reading devices, although performing well with nearly all files, does not fare well with digital comic books.

This is probably among the few places where iPad’s superb multi-touch screen performs very well. There is no need to compare it to other devices because quite frankly, there is no point of comparison.

The iPad Play Video Very Well

What is that glossy, multi-touch screen for if not for displaying video files? From the very beginning, Apple made it very clear that the iPad is geared to providing a medium for consuming all types of media files.

Many believe though that the device is made for displaying videos. True, it is not big enough to compare with your gigantic plasma TV. Even notebooks and laptops can do as well as the iPad when it comes to displaying livestream TV. However it is portable enough to be carried around. And that’s exactly what you need when you’re just lying around, not wanting to be tied to the TV.

The iPad is a Decent Web Surfing Device

many roles of the iPad

Decent-enough, that’s the operative term. The iPad is a hybrid. It is a cross between a toy, a laptop, and everything else in between.

While web-surfing is not its real forte, although Steve Jobs claimed that it has the capacity to give you “the best browsing experience you’ve ever had”. It can however, live up to Apple’s CEO’s claim. Except for the absence of Flash, it offers superb web-surfing experience over all.

Other than these roles, the iPad is also a really good gaming platform. E-mailing is a different, although pleasant experience. And you can actually do real work with it.

Apparently, the iPad can do as many things as you can expect an Apple’s product will do while at the same time setting the standards higher for other developers to follow. Because the iPad seems to be good at everything, let us just say that it is a jack-of-all-trades device. And one you don’t want to live without!

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