Why People are not Happy with the iPad

Many waited in line for the release of Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ tablet PC, the iPad when it first came out. They also line up for any new updated versions as well. However, many shrugged their shoulders with indifference and dissatisfaction over the fact that this tablet would not deliver on its promise. Well, these two opposing views clearly show how polarized people are with iPad. Let us take a look at a few things that make iPad a not-so-hot item for some.

A New Version of iPad Will Be Available Soon, So Why Bother?

This is a big issue. The currently released iPad is a big disappointment for many and that doesn’t help much with Apple’s efforts to make its newest tablet a big hit. Whether the disappointments of the public, techies, mostly are justified or not, it still hurts Apple’s sales. It still, in many ways, discourages quite a large number of people from buying the product.

But on top of this issue is the expectation that Apple will release a new, upgraded version soon. People would rather wait for the upgraded version, which many expect will offer a substantially improved version of its predecessor.

Following this line of thinking, people would rather wait for one full year or two than spend their money on a device that will soon be replaced and updated.

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It Doesn’t Support Flash

Ok, big deal. Apple seems to have a thing for Adobe’s Flash, a standard on the web. Flash is what most websites and rich media are built with. It’s the program that runs videos, audios and games that have saturated the online world.

But Apple seems not to like it for some reason. The company prefers a more stable, less vulnerable to hack platform. It prefers its own HTML5. It only makes perfect sense that all Apple’s products, the iPad included, runs on this platform and not on Flash.

What most people don’t quite get though is that nearly all websites on the internet use Adobe Flash. For the end users, this means that when visiting websites using iPad’s browser, Safari, glorious and beautiful as it is, there would still be some problems that may be encountered. However, with the newer versions, this doesn’t seem to be as big a problem any more.

Originally There Was No Built-in Camera

Whene Steve Jobs formally presented the first generation iPad to the public, everyone thought it’s a no-brainer that Apple will attach a camera to the device. However, it wasn’t until the iPad 2.0 that a camera was added. This made it more useable and you could make video calls over Skype or take snapshots of yourself and others.

Everytime Apple comes out with a new version of this popular tablet, there are more and more features. This tablet is certainly to go to computer for most people and you can take it every where you go. Play games, snapchat, listen to music or watch movies. This is a very versatile tablet.

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